Marcia Gruver Sample Post

Here is our recommended layout for your blog post.

1. Opening and Introduction of Marcia – You can find Marcia’s bio here. It would be good to personalize your post here by inserting how you know Marcia, how you got involved in this tour, or why you are hosting her on your blog.

2. Interview with Marcia – Chose either A or B. You can find photos here
    A. If you plan to do your own interview send questions to me by Oct. 12th.
    B. Choose one of the following interviews or combine them. 
                    Personal Interview
                    Writing Interview
                    Diamond Duo Interview

3. Post a blurb to encourage your readers to check out Marcia’s website (http://www.marciagruver.com) or Marcia’s blog (http://www.yieldedquill.blogspot.com)

4. Encourage your readers to check out the blog tour hosts. You can do this by linking to all of the participating bloggers (HTML Code here). Whenever possible please link to the complete list, and it would be helpful if you left a comment on other people’s blogs.


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